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Some Thoughts on Cozmic One and Jess’s Dream

It has been a while since I shed commentary on the two wonder colts, Cozmic One and Jess’s Dream. I always felt anything beyond a word here and there about how they looked physically was speaking too soon. But now as they are both officially two-year-olds in training at a major racetrack with top trainers to go with their tack, it seems time for a revisit. What are the odds that Coz and Taco can run like their great parents, and how do they size up as individuals?


Coz is a very impressive individual overall with the promise to look doubly good as he gets older. He has a bit of an “uphill” conformation and looks like he will crave that classic distance. Photo by Alys Emerson.

Cozmic One

The morning of Whitney Day I stood at the edge of the Oklahoma training track, remarking to a fellow photographer friend (we were both hopeful on Wise Dan, who at the time was only a “hopeful” to actually breeze that day) about wanting to see Cozmic One if I couldn’t catch the Dan. On that point, we both agreed as well as on the matter of how very awkward he often looked. Not “hide the children” awkward, but “I’m going to be a handsome guy in college” awkward. Around year one he went into the typical ugly yearling phase, and has since struggled to grow into the behemoth body with a very big head and ears to match. 

Pedigree-wise, he represents some great racing families, but from a nicking perspective, I would be surprised if a bloodline generator found the cross of Bernardini and daughters of Street Cry [IRE] to be anything good (I haven’t tried it). With the exception of To Honor and Serve, I’ve just never liked anything Bernardini, finding most of them wanting and rather particular to a surface. A typical good Bernardini makes himself known at two and gets better with age, and one of the best signs you can get from a pedigree perspective is a consistently good female family, which Coz definitely has through Zenyatta and Vertigineux. I would be surprised if he won at distances shorter than 1 1/16 miles and showed his best before well into his three-year-old year. He’ll probably like dirt best, especially off-goings.


Unfortunately, a yearling conformation shot will have to suffice as Stonestreet does not appear to provide very fantastic coverage of Jess’s Dream as he grows up. I’m not terribly crazy about this shot, but here he begins to muscle out nicely like he could be good at two.

Jess’s Dream

Despite liking Zenyatta more than Rachel Alexandra, Jess’s Dream was probably the more impressive foal, yearling, and possibly now two-year-old by my last count. Both of his parents were absolute powerhouses in the spring of their 3-year-old year, and so far he appears to be stepping up the ladder where he could get the experience now, and be even better as the months go by. If Jess is not fast, I will be surprised looking at him as he is now.

Pedigree-wise, I admit I am not crazy about Curlins. Palace Malice was the obvious exception, being a very impressive colt at two and very talented at age 3 and 4 winning at just about any distance given to him. The funny thing about Curlin and Rachel as well, is that they both appear to be turf-capable, but excelled on dirt. Curlin has shown he can produce a fine turf horse as well as a dirt horse, so in the event Jess does not take dirt in his face, turf could be the answer. Either way, Preakness horses tend to pass on speed, so Jess could be entitled to some favoritism early on and going shorter. Of the two colts, I like him better 7-9 furlongs, but the potential is very much there for 10 and busting his maiden as a 2-year-old.

Racing Beat: September 8


Street Sense progeny won two G1s this year. WEIRD, I WONDER WHY HE’S SUDDENLY COMING BACK TO THE U.S.!

New favorite racehorse name: Ghost is Clear.

For those who read/liked/reblogged my ADOPT THIS HORSE!?!!!! post on Carcava’s Hunt from about a week ago, she has also been removed from CANTER New England’s listings after being there for almost a year. I hope she has a good home, but I’ll try to find out more about where she went, just for the sake of knowing.

After seeing him in person, Dunkin Bend is a serious colt to watch. Maybe not for the Derby, but keep him in your sights.

Is the end near? Florida Stallion Stakes moves from Calder to Gulfstream for 2014. And by the end, I mean good racehorses coming out of Florida fit to race competitively at other tracks.

As a Massachusetts native and dweller, I swelled with pride when Sweet Maxine (2-1) won one for Westford-based Steeplechase Farm and Michael Gorham at Belmont Park.

Looks like Stonestreet is handling Samantha Nicole with silk gloves. The two-year-old full sister to Rachel Alexandra just had her first workout at the farm this week.

While 2-year-old million-dollar colt Mosler reminds me a lot of his fellow War Front brother Departing, I can’t bring myself to like him just yet. He just needs to fill out a bit more in the shoulder area. I do like me a War Front though…

Untapable looks just like Tapizar. Instant fan.

As much as I enjoyed knowing Dancing To Town won her race on Saturday, I’m iffy on the Kentucky Downs track as a whole. Pants On Fire just doesn’t strike me as a good horse.

With word of Royal Delta's planned string of boyfriends, it's more important than ever I make that September 28th meeting at Belmont happen with her!

Black Onyx, the upset winner of the Spiral Stakes (III) and the rail horse who scratched out of the Kentucky Derby, will resume light training in hopes of running in the Gulfstream spring meet.

I’m not convinced that the Iroquois Stakes (III) will play much into the Kentucky Derby. Not even that confident that anyone from that race will be in the gate. I am pretty sure, however, that next year’s Derby will be a very good one, which is a polar opposite vibe I had this time last year.

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Racing Beat: August 26


GAME ON DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEE! What was that again about not being able to get 10 furlongs or do poly?

As some of you know, I work nights in a hospital and I was weirdly delighted to come across bottles of furosemide aka Lasix the other day while in the cardiovascular wing. I’ll probably be excited the day I get old and get injected with this stuff… I AM A RACEHORSE!

The internet broke out into applause when Doug O’Neill claimed back Toomanytomatoes in a 22-way shake. *claps*

How do Group 1 races in Europe get filled to the brim but most U.S. G1 races get like 5 entries?

My original, very first Speightstown love came back: Wine Police! I’ll have to dig through the Galloping Hat Rack archives to find my first posts about him, but aw yeah!

I want to go to Del Mar one day so I can tell you guys whether it’s better than Saratoga or not… I doubt it… that ocean will have to be pristine with no cigarette butts or inconveniently placed rocks anywhere!

I am now 3-for-3 in predicting losers of major stakes races in my dreams: Alpha, Stay Thirsty, and now Verrazano.

The crushing feeling one gets when not one, but two horses are put down. Rest in peace, Sarava’s Dancer and Kris Royal. Could the 3rd and 4th fatalities of this Saratoga meet be blamed on a super fast track [for the biggest stakes weekend]? It’s possible.

Ego boost: I noticed my blog’s weekly page view counts exploded last week, particularly on Friday and Saturday. I wonder why, it’s not like I made any outer links. The pick 4 stuff I’ve been doing lately is the only new thing I’ve been doing… this is just like all those times I got referred as an “expert” by other people. It just feels weird.

Mike Smith can’t seem to win. One day he’s blamed for Palace Malice's poor run, the very next day he's applauded for riding Royal Delta. And people suggest “backseat training” is more of a problem.

I’m stuck between feeling elated that Bustle finally won a race— and on the turf at Saratoga, no less— and feeling irked that she got claimed from the Matzes. :/

Do you ever wonder if a few really stupid things were different, that one could like a horse more? Just sayin’, they should have done away with braiding Rachel Alexandra's mane… not a big fan of the braids… Tapizar's looked ok, but eh!

There’s nothing quite like watching Royal Delta run. She merely gallops under a hand ride while other top horses like Authenticity are driving to [try to] get within touching distance.

I still have Mudflats in my virtual stable. I was just about ready to delete him when he finally won at Del Mar after dropping way down in class. I wonder how much they bought him for early in the year… BIG MISTAKE. My virtual stable actually did pretty good this weekend…

Tweet o’ the Week: I want this kind of backside access :’(


Racing Beat: July 7

I’m going to go ahead and say something… Cozmic One kind of got ugly. Awkward yearling phase I hope, like his head just suddenly got big and clunky looking. Jess’s Dream is still very pretty. Baby Z13 is perfect and I’m 110% convinced he is going to be magical. Blind Luck's Bernardini filly is developing into a looker.

So Daisy Devine was DQ’d from her 2nd place finished in the Jenny Wiley due to a clenbuterol positive. Her trainer is taking the $500 fine in stride, and has stated his barn has installed new security cameras to stop any staff/vets from doing this nonsense. Okay really? I looked up the cost of clenbuterol and it runs $60-80 at its cheapest, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that figure is smaller than it actually is. It’s an anabolic steroid used for slimming down, building muscle, and aiding respiration in horses and I doubt anyone would just dump some in a horse without you knowing about it.

Creating my “driving to Saratoga” playlist. Song 1: “Paradise”. Perfect fit, and it would kick off my passage through the Berkshires very nicely.

Is Stop Smiling going to be good like her sister? Half-sister to Weemissfrankie won her debut in a Hollywood MSW.

Despite a fierce battle with Gulfstream for racing dates, Calder’s Summit of Speed still attracts big names and filled races with some handsome payouts.

I saw pictures of Tapitsfly this past week as a broodmare in Japan… I figured that sort of thing happened, but other than that I know nothing. She does have a younger full sister who should be racing at some point soon.

Here’s to hoping the newly-established U.S. Timeform lives up to its hype and actually provides useful handicapping tools.

The G3 Poker lost by heavy favorite Data Link (4th) was a golden opportunity to show bet against him. He’s not THAT good of a horse and there were quite a few very good horses in there. Same story for Little Mike in the United Nations (I) coming off that fuzzy Dubai layoff against good company… YES… I TELL YOU ALL OF THIS NOW…

I don’t really keep a close eye on my following numbers on any network, but I was proud to see I had more than a hundred followers than some HRN writers on Twitter. I guess I must be decent then, or at least somewhat entertaining! Nobody can possibly visit this blog because I give away oodles of winners!

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Racing Beat: February 17


Midnight Interlude sold and to stand in India. I didn’t even know they were into horse racing (I could assume so, but… I don’t know, it was just off my radar).

I said it once, but I’ll say it again: BLACK CAVIAR!

So a Scat Daddy colt wins the El Camino Real (III), which is synthetic, again this year. Why is everyone acting so shocked?

I hope your butt feels better soon, Rachel Alexandra.

Horses love to win once I give up on them… Pacific Ocean and now State Flag, a Street Cry [IRE] I bet on last Belmont Day in a grass race. Dah!

Upcoming Derby race blurbs: Treasury Bill has my rooting interest in the (too short) San Vicente (II), and Always in a Tiz for the Southwest(II)! Still, kind of a boring duo in comparison to the upcoming Risen Star (II) in 6 days. Unf unf Proud Strike! Palace Malice! Normandy Invasion! Oxbow!

Very nice! Days after mentioning her and her young stablemate (Miffed) in my Oaks list, Phil Simms trained Don’t Tell Sophia to launch a drawing-away, 6 1/2 length upset win in the Bayakoa at Oaklawn! This older mare was sold as a yearling for a mere $1,000!

I’m judging you if you rank Verrazano overly high after that ONE race… at 6 1/2 furlongs… loose on the lead setting sprinter-like fractions… IN EARLY FEBRUARY WITH NO 2-YEAR-OLD STARTS. Look at this info and then back at me, look at his family and back at me, look at his trainer and now back at me.

Of course I watched it for Fortify, but Soft Falling Rain [SAF] wasn’t too shabby in the UAE 2000 Guineas (UAE-III). The winner is by an unraced Ontario stallion and out of an unraced Giant’s Causeway mare and is currently undefeated in 6 starts.

I liked her lots early on, but Bustle got a horrid trip to be 3rd in her most recent race… unfortunately, a $20-$25k claiming at Gulfstream.

For those who believe in herd dynamics influencing racehorses, I wonder if baby “Princess” will think she’s a palomino.

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I’m sure everyone knows about Rachel Alexandra right now

If not, go here.

Honestly, this is why sometimes horse breeding makes me nervous. I’ve had enough negatives to balance out the positives in my own personal experience being around broodmares at foaling time. Some minor complications are expected when a big baby is foaled, and my folks even had a mare die after an artificial insemination went poorly.

But enough of my harping. I hope to God that Rachel will be ok. She is  receiving the best of care and we all know how much of a fighter she is.

Racing Beat: February 10


I wonder if Europe is obsessing hard over Goldikova's baby boy as much as people here are obsessing over Rachel's and Zenyatta's. One out of these three doing badass would be a pleasing percentage.

Proof Frankel's baby brother is going to be even better than him: HE HAS A BLAZE!

I’m already sick of this dumb Kentucky Derby points system. One of the biggest motivating factors behind it is that it’ll be “easier” for the public to follow. Ok, maybe? But wouldn’t winning the big races that ought to be televised be even more of a help? The Santa Anita Derby, the Florida Derby, the Wood, the Arkansas… come on now…

My mother the pedigrees-I-know/buttcapper will be dismayed to hear that Quiet American has been pensioned. So much sad.

I am so unbelievably pissed at Joel Rosario for that shitty ride on Animal Kingdom. Who was it on here that hated him already? Was it you Paige?

One horse I forgot to mention but meant to in my last Derby Top 10 update: Texas Bling, the super longshot that won the Springboard Mile. He’s an Oklahoma bred and an underdog at that, but he’s been working super well according to reports. On a similar note, Dewey Square may try turf… his last workout earlier today was over it.

There goes Coolmore jumping the shark again by buying an interest in Verrazano.

I am dying I want to see Gary Stevens ride in the flesh so bad.

There’s not much to see yet brewing in Dubai: Travers (I) champ Alpha ran last in the Al Maktoum Challenge (II) while Lovely Pass won the UAE 1000 Guineas in achingly slow time (1:39 flat for the mile).

Rumor has it Keeneland is looking to rip out their poly in favor of dirt. I’m all for it; handicapping would be made easier and horsemen would take competing on the surface much more seriously. History is full of doubters when it comes to horses who only win on synthetic.

As I continue working on my Oaks Top 10, I’m keen to include a filly of Phil Simms’, partially because of her name: Miffed, a three-year-old daughter of Purge, who is worth watching.

Sweet baby Street Life is off to be a California sire. All dreams of him standing in New York are dashed.

An old favorite in Wasted Tears just had her first foal, but I died when I saw that it was a colt by Malibu Moon. Ugh. No. At least he has a cool facial marking?

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Five Suitors for Rachel Alexandra


What’s the fun in following the crowd and producing the same group of sires’ progeny? MEH, I can do better! Let’s play bloodstock expert for a second here with Rachel Alexandra, seeing as she’s due to foal her Bernardini filly in the coming weeks.

The tough part about nicking good matches with a horse like Rachel Alexandra is finding proven horses that equate well with her pedigree as well as her natural ability. Her sire Medaglia d’Oro was an accomplished classic horse on dirt, but is by El Prado [IRE], who is synonymous with top grass horses. Being that Rachel has wins going long but could easily pass as a gifted miler to boot further complicates things, as she tosses her head to what her ancestry suggests about her on paper. If you look on TrueNicks, a lot of the “suggested” picks for Rachel that have high ratings are horses that I know would not work with the goals of what Stonestreet has in mind, nor likely what would mesh with Rachel’s own record: grass/classic sire Street Cry [IRE], Street Cry’s speedy son Street Boss, and grass champ Midshipman.

This particular genetic puzzle is probably more soluable from the conformation approach than going by bloodline statistics, so we ought to ignore the grass and try to reinforce the mighty prowess, or complement it further with long-distance genes:

  1. Tizway - One of the most fantastic modern milers, Tizway was untested classic potential with distance-getter Tiznow on top and esteemed sprinter Dayjur on the bottom. He’s similar to Rachel in this regard and also has Northern Dancer/Mr. Prospector. I’m a bit of a fan of the Danzig in this largely unproven cross. (Fee: $25,000, No rating)
  2. Eskendereya - Much like Rachel herself, “Esky” was a freakish success at three and looked every bit the champion had he been able to continue on to the Triple Crown. A big, well-built character, it’s hard to nitpick his bloodlines which are largely Euro-influenced: by European champion and prolific sire Giant’s Causeway and out of the Seattle Slew mare Aldebaran Light. Esky would tack on some considerable size, scope, and promise of speed. (Fee: $17,500, Rated B+)
  3. Hard Spun - A throwback to really good classic pedigree, while I don’t consider him a perfect specimen it’s hard to argue that the first few rounds of Hard Spuns racing haven’t been anything less than nice. Heavy on the Native Dancer is probably my biggest complaint, but it would be an interesting gamble. (Fee: $60,000, Rated D)
  4. Speightstown - A sire with some appeal but largely ignored due to the pileup of trendy stallions, Speightstown was a career miler/sprinter but throws a ton of variety in his progeny with G1 winners sprinting and going the classic distance. His conformation is excellent and similar crosses have done very well including Kentucky Oaks winner Believe You Can (by Gone West son Proud Citizen out of an El Prado [IRE] mare) and Ballerina Stakes (I) winner Hilda’s Passion (by Gone West son Canadian Frontier and out of an El Prado daughter [IRE]). Rachel was always on the cusp of being a phenomenal speed horse and router, so it would be all the more interesting to see this pan out. (Fee: $60,000, Rating A++)
  5. Drosselmeyer - I like what I’ve seen already in Drosselmeyer’s first foals, and the Belmont-Breeders’ Cup Classic double is appealing should the desired result be a foal that can carry speed and last. Nijinsky and Danzig make him an attractive option with two G1 winners as his parents. (Fee: $17,500, Rating: A++)
Never was there a more graceful gob of spit, 
Than the saliva dripping from Rachel Alexandra's bit.

Never was there a more graceful gob of spit,

Than the saliva dripping from Rachel Alexandra's bit.


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