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The $35k colt beats the $800k one!: Barclay Tagg trainee Confrontation, a son of War Pass, got up late over Eastwood in a 6-furlong race.

The $35k colt beats the $800k one!: Barclay Tagg trainee Confrontation, a son of War Pass, got up late over Eastwood in a 6-furlong race.

For anyone who ever thought that photographing horse racing is easy or comes without frustration, meet what my d7100 caught in burst mode as I tried to capture Kid Cruz winning the Easy Goer Stakes. I died when I saw them… just barely off-timing and or that stupid child in front of me foreground disruptions ruining what would have been AMAZING action shots. Apart from trimming down image file size, none of these have been retouched.

I’m mostly posting this for intothestretch… I still want to cry…

An indie documentary about rescued— and repurposed— horses


As you guys know, I am getting ready to graduate from college soon. The better part of my time and energy in this, my last semester of “real” class before internship time, is in my advanced documentary class where I am directing a 20-minute film about rescued and rehabbed horses called Roughshod.

Over the next few months, my crew of 3 and I will be traveling all over New England and New York talking to people who have played a part in defining the role of the horse in the 21st century. Why do we need horses? How are horses still significant in an age driven by technology? What is being done with at-risk horses who would otherwise end up bound for slaughter? We aim to avoid the typical “talking head” format as much as possible in favor of showing off the beauty and power of the equine and their tireless caretakers, all while telling their stories.

Currently, we have a lot of interest from a variety of different rescue centers and so far plan to film all types of breeds, from Thoroughbreds to Percherons to Mustangs. We’ll certainly be very busy between shooting and editing the project all spring long.

Please share this post with whomever, Like our Facebook to see all of our updates, and if you would like to donate (and perhaps receive a DVD and other nice things), visit our Indiegogo fundraiser page. Even a dollar goes a long way!

A beautiful caboose of maidens!: #2 Jimmy Soul (rail), #11 Read the Mirage, #3 Ironicus (in between), and #4 Justin Nyugen finish last in an Aqueduct maiden special weight.

A beautiful caboose of maidens!: #2 Jimmy Soul (rail), #11 Read the Mirage, #3 Ironicus (in between), and #4 Justin Nyugen finish last in an Aqueduct maiden special weight.

The Lane’s End Experience

I found this video while perusing for horse documentaries to help inspire me to improve my own work. This footage makes me want to die in a good way.

Tiz the Season - A Giveaway


To be frank, I have disliked Christmas for many moons (I blame working in retail, American materialism, and being broke if not desolate for many of them), but the one Golden Ticket about the holidays for me is giving back to those who are less fortunate. I am always about giving back to worthwhile racing-related charities, so please consider these great organizations I’ve either worked with or contributed toward this year:

  • Transitions Thoroughbreds - Mindy Lovell is currently struggling to fundraise to feed her rescues for the long Canadian winter, and today I just stumbled across her story. I tossed a bit her way, but do help her out if you can; she’s on the frontlines of saving off-track Thoroughbreds from slaughter.
  • CANTER USA: If it was not for CANTER, many newly off-track Thoroughbreds would not be here with us today. They are ones largely responsible for Suffolk Downs’ fantastic no-tolerance policy on selling racehorses from that track for slaughter, and they work tirelessly to promote these horses to new homes.
  • Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue: Absolutely wonderful people who do great work retraining and rehoming racehorses, as well as serve as a forever home/museum for some of racing’s iconic athletes like Evening Attire and Stud Muffin.
  • New Vocations - They take in retired racehorses and retrain them before adopting them out to incredible forever homes as one of the country’s most remarkable and successful facilities. And hey, for the month of December, all adoption fees are 50% OFF!

In the spirit of the holidays, GHR will be giving away a beautiful Horses and Hope calendar (the purchase of which also benefits horses!) to those who reblog/like this post. I’ll stop all giveaway entries at midnight EST on Saturday December 7, U.S. only for now.

A smackerel of good news

This Sunday (October 20) I’ll be at Suffolk Downs shooting footage of CANTER New England’s Suffolk Showcase as part of a video project I’m doing for them about CANTER and adopting off-track Thoroughbreds. I’ll be shooting interviews with people too, and hopefully I’ll be able to rent out an EX-1 camera from school (if not though, no big deal, my gear is more than good enough!)

Come out to East Boston if you can! It’ll be a good day to browse for ponies and a rare opportunity to walk around the backside!

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