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I love you! You have a beautiful blog! :)

Asked by Anonymous

Wow so much love in two sentences! Thank you!

So your blog is pretty much perfect and I’m obsessed. Also, I hope you have/had a really great wonderful day:) Thanks for reading

Asked by flyingoveroxers

Thanks so much! I’m glad you like it.

I went to my grandparents a week or two ago and found out that Wiseman's Ferry lives only eight miles from them. So naturally my grandfather and I went to see him. He seemed like the biggest sweetheart.

Asked by Anonymous

Color me jealous! It can be amazing to find out who lives pretty close to you.

I just wanted to say that I love your posts about the Saratoga racetrack! I go to Skidmore and ride in the area but live on the west coast so it gets hard to be around so many people, even within the equestrian community, who have never heard of it.

Asked by Anonymous

Thanks so much! It’s such a beautiful area and probably my favorite place in the world (the town itself as well as the racetrack). I’m grateful I’m able to drive there within a few hours. Hope you enjoy my future posts on it as well, and thank you again for the compliment!

How can I purchase the right to use one of your photos.

Asked by Anonymous

Hello! Any special inquiries like that can be sent directly to my email, dawnawood AT gmail dot com. Thank you and I’m glad you enjoy my photos.

I was at the Belmont too and also got sick from heat exhausation... was hoping to spot you, but I think I was further down on the fence than you!

Asked by Anonymous

Aww I’m so sorry to hear that! It sucked didn’t it? I’ll be writing something to NYRA… again… about the enhanced security policy. It’s hurting them and it’s hurting us not being allowed to bring our own items. 

I didn’t see a LOT of people I was hoping to see at the Belmont. It was just way too crazy trying to move further than a few feet no matter where you sat/stood. I’ll be at the Stars and Stripes Festival on July 5 if you’re going!

Hi! It's super awesome for you to do this giveaway! I was just wondering if you only wanted us to reblog once, or if more reblogs meant more entries. Thanks again! :)

Asked by Anonymous

Just once will do, thank you for asking and good luck everybody! :)

Hello! I'm one of those people going to Belmont for the first time this year (we've just got general grandstand admission). Do you have any advice for which area of the track has the best view?

Asked by silly-fox-in-sox

I might have suggested somewhere higher up since this IS the Belmont, being that the field will go one loooooong lap around Sandy.

Then again, on the same token that this IS *the* Belmont, I wouldn’t settle for anywhere but on the fence. Best view of the pones, more fans (who hopefully are not drunk and falling on you, but I digress you will encounter that anywhere). Whenever I talked to someone with a seat— mostly strangers— last year, they all said it was better down on the apron and they probably wouldn’t bother with reserved seating in the future.

See you there!

The photo of Clearly Now with his/her sclera so red is disconcerting. I'll assume that given he/she finished fourth, the race was especially tough and as such was overexerted. Good photo, just painful to look at.

Asked by room42

He was actually third… as I recall, the pacesetter (and eventual winner) kept the race’s overall pace pretty slow and was able to roll off and win pretty easily. Clearly Now is a closer type, so that’s probably why he was unable to win… he needed a much faster pace early on to be a threat in the stretch. 

I’ll have to look back at my pictures of him in November to see if that’s a new or old problem with the whites of his eyes.

Do you think this years crop of three year olds are looking more talented and interesting than last year?

Asked by nicoledowland-deactivated201404

By leaps and bounds. I think whomever is 3rd in this year’s Derby could have beaten Orb last year.

I don’t think they’re as interesting as the 2012 field or as talented as 2007 & 2012, but we’ve got a nice colorful group of personalities, strategies, connection stories, some good names, some rivalries, and some 1 1/4 mile talents.

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