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Racing Beat: August 14

Gee… should I keep Winter Memories as the Racing Beat mascot horse? I need to revamp the image anyway.

WinStar has announced plans to stand Take Charge Indy when he is retired. Now there’s a horse I fear will retire by the year’s end if he doesn’t step back up again soon.

I gotta admit… cool names have to do a lot with how much I like a certain horse. If it’s a dumb/lazy name, I probably won’t like him as much.

Gosh… I can’t really decide on a select few favorites at Keeneland September… HOW DO THE SHEIKS DO IT? Oh yeah, they have oil barrels of money… surprisingly enough, a lot of big favorites of mine aren’t by Big Brown or Henrythenavigator like I thought!

Shackleford never had a chance on the off-track of the Vanderbilt (I), but could have probably done better in the previous day’s Whitney (I) where the track was fast and speed held well. Derp moment, much?

Stayclassysandiego, wherever did you go?

You know you’re a nerd when… you pronounce Kauai Katie's name (and would have preferred it to be) Kawaii Katie. Uguu~

I picked Wise Dan for the Fantasy Handicapping Challenge because a) it was off the turf and b) he reminds me most of Fourstardave.

Can an American win the Arlington Million (I) on Saturday? How about it, Reinier?

Azeri must be real proud of her kids, though I don’t know how I feel about Take Control yet.

There’s no good reason why Suffolk Downs shouldn’t get that casino license (this is a very big hot issue right now in Massachusetts as casinos have now been legalized). They’re the only ones to formally apply for one on the eastern side of the state not to mention they can probably have a real nice outfit when all is complete… AND MAYBE THEN THE MASS CAP WILL RETURN!

Shack’s little bro Stephanoatsee is coming back soon! AND O’Prado Again! AND Awesome Feather will run again soon.

My insides sank a little with Know More's victory out west. I would really prefer not to have another I’lll Have Another scenario next year.

The Travers is beginning to feel like last year’s where there isn’t much of a headliner fronting the race. All the Triple Crown winners and runners-up are out/retired. I’m particularly miffed because with no Paynter, I probably won’t get very good odds with Street Life OR Nonios. I might have to work Hansen in there somehow, I’m hoping people are doubting him after that West Virginia Derby. (Also, I’m hoping Called to Serve goes in… I got some fan-freakin-tastic show odds on him!). Heart bet goes to Teeth of the Dog or Street Life, though I will of course have to wait and see how the field shapes up…

If the Breeders’ Cup is the “Superbowl of horse racing,” why are we repeating venues, hmm? Looks like I’m not the only one who is pissed and truly believes it will result in biased outcomes.

I hate to say it, but I kind of saw Awesome Maria's injury-induced retirement coming. Looking at you, Todd Pletcher.

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