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"Luck" Pilot Airs Sunday

Seems like HBO is gnawing at the bit with its new horse racing drama Luck already.

Heavily promoted during the smash-hit series Boardwalk Empire, the show starring Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte is scheduled to be given the sneak-peek treatment on Sunday, December 11 at 10:00pm following Boardwalk Empire's season finale.

Hoffman stars as a racing-centric, recently-free jailbird looking to hop back into the scene by buying a share in a $2 million Irish racehorse. The rest of the pilot’s sypnosis reads like a stereotypical crime-and-conspiracy beat, so I’m not too terribly interested so far. However, appearances in the series by Chantal Sutherland, Richard Kind, and Gary Stevens have my attention.

I won’t be around to watch the pilot premiere (confound my work hours!), but be sure to check it out for yourself. There’s plenty of star power to go around, but I’d really like to know if a true horse racing fan finds it enjoyable.

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